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Trends, nyheder og inspiration

Se vores arkiv over tidligere artikler med trends inden for kunsthåndværk og design til boligindretning.


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03-11-2009 Nyhedsbrev november 2009

Gaza Parkour: A Positive Ripple Effect Amongst the Ruins

MD_A_PKGAZA_00.jpgYasser Fathi Qudih

Some projects can create a surprisingly extensive ripple effect. They can inspire the creation of new projects or light a spark of curiosity within a single individual. In this case, the project that is causing the ripple effect is a group of guys in the city of Khan Younis, Gaza, who use parkour to find common ground and hope in an area of the world where that is exactly what is needed.


MD_A_PKGAZA_19.jpgVycheclav Guz

Who would ever think that one of the things you might end up seeing when walking around in Gaza is a bunch of young guys practicing parkour in the middle of the ruins. Well, if you happen to be in the city of Khan Younis, and you walk around when school is over, that is likely to happen. I had the great pleasure of interviewing one of the gents from PK Gaza, Ahmed Matar, to hear more about the organisation and their plans.

After the withdrawal of the Israeli army from the Gaza Strip back in 2005, Captain Mohamed Algakhbeer and Abdallah Enshasy created the very first parkour crew in Gaza, a crew that's now seen as the best parkour team in the Arab world. Back then, it was just the two of them, but steadily the numbers of member in the crew have grown and now they are up to 18 official members from age 17–25.


The Johnson & Johnson's Global Surgery Group Needs a Talented Industrial Designer in Cincinnati

Work for Johnson & Johnson!

With annual sales of $11 billion, the Johnson & Johnson Global Surgery Group is the world's largest, most innovative surgical company. The strength of the Global Surgery Group is illustrated by the fact that more than 80% of their sales come from businesses with #1 or #2 global market share positions. The Industrial Design|Human Factors team provides user-centered design leadership to business partners across several businesses within the J&J Global Surgery Group. How would you like to join this powerhouse brand as an Industrial Designer?

The best candidate for this job will embrace the various roles this position requires, using traditional sketching, digital tools, CAD models, and physical mock-ups to communicate unique ideas and product concepts. They'll also be a problem solver with a keen understanding of how things work who is self-directed and organized. If this sounds like you, Apply Now.

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DOE Selects 20 Universities For Solar Decathlon--Parsons is Picked

The Department of Energy just selected 20 Universities to compete in building a solar-powered house and Parsons School of Design made the cut for the 2011 competition.

Parsons is teaming up with the Stevens Institute of Technology to provide solar-powered Habitat for Humanity housing for residents of the low-income Deanwood neighborhood of Ward 7 in Washington, D.C.

The design consists of two modules that unite to form a functioning solar duplex. Each module is sustainable on its own, but they achieve peak efficiency when joined together. Module One will be assembled in Deanwood, and Module Two will be displayed on the National Mall for Solar Decathlon 2011. After the competition, the two modules will be connected to form a duplex that can house two families.

According to Parsons, "the duplex's primary power is generated using hybrid photovoltaic thermal cells, which produce electric energy and collect thermal energy to boost overall efficiency."

The dean of Parsons, Joel Towers, tells me that the Solar Decathlon projects involves dozens of classes in architecture, urban planning, design and technology.

Innovation Shifts to Asia and Europe, Away From The US

When I began the Most Innovative Companies annual survey with BCG's James Andrew, nearly all the top 50 companies were American. This year, more than half of the most innovative companies in the world came from Asia and Europe. Despite all hoopla and blah-blah about innovation among CEOs in the US, the actual building of the rituals and processes that produce innovation is increasingly taking place outside America. With the S&P 500 stuck at 1999 levels, the profit proof is in the pudding. There has been an innovation mirage in the US over the past decade, perhaps two.

The new story lies in the BRICs--China, India and Brazil. Last year Greater China (including Taiwan) was 46 out of 50 in the survey. This year it is tied with Japan. Lenovo, BYD, Haier, China Mobile and HTC are on the list.

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